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Maths and English can transform lives. This website aims to help you with a range of maths and English resources to help promote and teach these wonderful subjects in your college.

The change in funding policy has significantly increased the study of GCSE maths and English post 16 (Ian Ashman, President, AoC). The information on this website has been collated from the Leadership of maths and English Conference on Monday 13th February 2017.

Number of post 16 GCSE resit maths & English students

The Task

  • Massive increase in post 16 GCSE resit entries
  • No concurrent increase in trained GCSE teachers
  • Consequently, GCSE resit achievement rates have declined
  • Further Education has the willingness, ambition and ability to respond to this challenge
English GCSE 16-18 Resit Entries

DfE Resit Achievement Data

(16-18 year olds) - all providers


GCSE English
GCSE Maths

National Achievement Rate

Maths GCSE 16-18 Resit Entries

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