Good Practice Guide - Maths & English

Developing Maths and English in Vocational Teaching


Adopt a whole organisation approach to “sell” the importance of being numerate and literate, and invest in Professional Development.

  • Vocational teams must send out a uniform message – maths & English are vital qualifications to gain!
  • Ensure vocational teams @WSC conduct Functional Skills English Speaking and Listening Assessments – with many completed during induction activities.
  • Work with awarding bodies to simplify process to ensure completing paperwork is a simple task
  • Provide a whole College approach and ensure students receive meaningful feedback on maths, spelling & grammar in all assessed work
  • Set-aside a whole Professional Development day to promote maths & English teaching methods used with students
  • Use “vocational embedding wheels” to uncover quick and easy wins that naturally link to maths & English topics
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