Good Practice Guide - Maths & English

Leadership and Management

  • Clearly define the culture, “Students at the heart of everything we do”
  • Accountability for achievement in maths and English must exist at all levels of the organisation, from governors and senior managers, to vocational managers and maths and English teachers
  • Prioritise investment in the college’s maths and and English strategy
  • Senior leaders must set clear targets and monitor progress regularly
  • Progress must be presented to governors in an easy to understand format, for instance using trends and RAG ratings, in order to elicit effective challenge
  • Appoint specialist staff on permanent contracts to deliver maths and English to ensure that teachers feel secure and can provide the highest standards of teaching and learning
  • Clarify which managers have direct responsibility for qualifying maths and English curriculum strategy and ensuring compliance with condition of funding policy
  • Ensure that there is a whole college strategy for marketing and promoting maths and English qualification achievement as a vehicle for social mobility
  • Allocate maths and English base rooms, and where possible, locate them near one another
  • Facilitate maths and English CPD regularly for all teaching staff - encourage senior leaders and governors to try GCSE exam papers!
  • Prioritise the right student doing the right qualification taught by the right teacher, right away

“Ensure that the tracking of progress against KPIs is diarised at all levels of the organisation, from Governors, to senior leaders, middle managers, teachers and support staff”

Trevor Hewlett, Director of Maths and English, West Suffolk College