Good Practice Guide - Maths & English

Quality of Teaching and Learning

Planning must focus on exam readiness for students through the use of a college wide approach to lesson planning, for instance, CSPARr with bespoke frameworks developed as required, such as the 5r approach for GCSE maths

CSPARr Guide - Introduction to The Learning Cycle

Principles of the 5R Approach

  1. Recall maths facts to be learned and recalled
  2. Routine maths that needs to be revisited regularly
  3. Revise the topics that occur frequently and often determine success in exams at this level
  4. Repeat the revised content to become competent in the techniques
  5. Ready for the exam - focus upon exam technique and past/practice
  • Develop quality review systems that go beyond the data to provide credible, accurate judgments of teaching practice linked to a supportive developmental process that reinforces the culture and values of the college, leading to teachers who deliver outstanding achievement
  • Take a risk based approach to managing teaching teams by RAG rating individual performance, using results from quality reviews systems, in order to provide timely and appropriate support that improves outcomes and deals with underperformance
  • Triangulate data from quality reviews, learning walks and progress reviews to inform Quality Improvement Plans so that actions from these lead tangible improvements with accountability distributed across the college
  • Ensure maths and English is visibly identified as "the" college priority aligned to a strong focus on building character strengths, such as resilience, ownership and independence to ensure students and staff take responsibility for their achievements on their journey towards higher level study / employment
  • Train vocational staff to undertake Speaking, Listening and Communication assessments for functional skills English in their lessons, using standardised feedback forms
  • Plan and timetable fast track and revision days for functional skills