Good Practice Guide - Maths & English

Tracking and Monitoring

  • Develop one “go to” report for maths and English using a variety of parameters to track and monitor attendance and progression as well as details of qualification, level, class, tutor, vocational qualifications that can be utilised by all cross college staff.  This ensures that all staff have the information they require to support and drive success


  • The presence of eye an catching and clear marketing campaign that appeals to young adults supporting the importance of maths and English skills will encourage attendance at weekly classes as well as additional study days and revision sessions throughout the year
Attendance Tracking


  • Attendance reporting systems are pivotal in the first steps to improving attendance. These are then shared with vocational teams and personal support tutors through regular diarised meetings, where action plans are formulated to increase attendance of individual students
  • Clear reporting which is linked to lines of accountability allows activities such as automated email notification of non attendance to be sent to support staff who are then able to respond immediately and encourage students into class
  • Exam attendance is maximised by a variety of communication methods such as text, twitter, facebook and marketing posters


  • Centralised recording of student performance and progress which allows visibility to all staff is vital
  • RAG rating all students for maths and English as well as their vocational subjects using tracking software such as Promonitor and reviewing at regular intervals throughout the year allows timely intervention where required
  • Use of milestone assessments in GCSE, which are centrally recorded, provide in depth analysis of individual student performance allowing student-centred SMART targets to be set
  • Student predicted grades for both Functional Skills and GCSEs are set and recorded at the start of the year and updated in response to their milestone assessment results, to enable accurate ongoing success prediction so that intervention can be introduced when necessary
Ind milestone tracking